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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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"Yep, and Trump Jr. has been Donald's son for 40 years and Kushner his son-in-law for 8 years. What's your point? The meeting still took place and Trump Jr.'s emails detail what that meeting concerned and how eager he was to receive such information. Also, if it were just one or two people who lied about their involvement with Russia, it might be a coincidence, but so many of Trump's chosen people lied on their security paperwork. Too many."

I could hear the bed move on the floor by how hard I was thrusting. Jasper stood up admiring his new toy for a moment before looking across to Sarah and grinning, making her wonder just how much trouble she was in.

HOLED - Full hardcore anal with petite Holly Hendrix

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trump just announced tarrifs on steel. canada retaliates. Not hard enough. Put tarrif of 300% on oil, and 5000% on water exported to the states.


I got a really nice, new, shiny bridge for sale.


Come on, everyone knows that was the Germans


Many people in America no longer recognize truth from fiction. I'm not sure when this happened, (it was probably a gradual our once proud, now failing, oublic school system...) but it seems like 9/11 was a kind of turning point for a lot of powerful entities within the American systems.


Im in agreement


My prophylactic causes me to (blush) make funny faces...


Yes I once got a broken finger at a massage


"I will daresay you are projecting your ideas about Christianity onto a religion which is not identical to it, as we have established."


And she taught men, did she? And didn't have to obey her husband in all things? Bollocks.


I'd call you a sadistic equestrian necrophile, but that would be like beating a dead horse


Trump doesn't like taxes -- unless he has a personal score to settle.


The thing is that both Catholics and Jews are loving numbers because of intermarriage and lack of commitment to the religion. Catholicism and Judaism will be around but they won't be the same and the numbers will be sorely depleted.


Over the centuries the Catholic Church has had many doctrinal problems and idolatry is just one of them. The degree of sovereignty granted the Pontiff and the mandate for the vow of celibacy for priest also seem antithetical to Christian doctrine. .


LMFAO *dead* I'm totally imagining you saying this too, btw.


You are a lot like Trump, failing to understand the word globalization ! as for screwing that will happen, when the other member countries began a campaign of NOT buying our exports, a real problem is that many of those exports are high end products, that pay good wages. Yes Trump is about to screw the American worker.


The same could be said for Trump, after all, he's only a second generation immigrant.


Well said, as usual.


Well that was fun. Go get that FMVP Steph.


Hell I'll even read infowars


Unfortunately the only way Trump supporters are going to see the light is if he himself tells them to.


That's not a sin.


Because some Christians are such assholes and they really really need to push their religion on to others so they even go knocking on innocent peoples doors?


Funny, but this thread is about the creation account in Genesis which is written in Hebrew--and by the way, the Gospel of John is written in Koine Greek, a much later form of the language. Get an education.


See any televised news agency....daily.


Where exactly were you on topic? CC and Pecan were discussing roofing companies and illegal laborers. And you came right in with insults and proposed some odd wager.


Welcome sweet cheeks! ;)


Good to hear, thanks!


Not appalling. The fact that people wanted to tear down a statue for the purpose of hiding history is stupid. The fact that they have no education to the fact that without slavery 80% of black people would still be in Africa fighting for their freedoms and food and employment. That's if they survive childhood. These people don't care about history and the truths that allow them to grow intellectually. Hatred is what brought them together and hatred is what divides them and hatred is what they asked for when that driver drove into the crowd.

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