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Saturday, December 30, 2017

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Deum0s aka Amanda Mariee fuck and cum

"I hope the election is fair"

Sometimes we can even all do it together. Walking back up to me she took hold of my head in her hands and began to kiss me once again; finally she had to stop and look down at my one leg twitching so bad in nervousness the fabric of my pants stoc,ing making noise as it flapped about.

Or would they mix things up and each wear one.

Deum0s aka Amanda Mariee fuck and cum

JJ, hung up the phone, "that was Nick, they found a run away being raped by those two ass holes, Terry and Luke, they are brining her here", JJ had summond all the members to the main room, and Katlin for the first time saw them all, "as always we will respect our rules, and wellcome her here, i know me and Andrew have not always got on, but bellive it or stoking there is respect therte between us, and we both agree to homer these rules past down onto us, so i dont want to see any unwelcome faces there", Andrew nodded, "as you all knew this club was built to help ALL run aways, you, me and JJ, anyone, and altho we dont always like each Nlon like he said, i do have respect for him, and these rules, so make sure you abbide by them", Katlin only just realised that there was a softer side to Ny,on, he just had a hard time showing it, and she decided to remedy this abit later on, suddenly there was a honk on the horn, "ok thats them everyone out to greet now", everyone left and sure enough Nick and Annie were leading a scared looking girl towards them, "whats going on here, where am i", JJ looked at Nick, "i trust you said nothing to her about this place", Nick shook his head, "no way JJ, as always we leave that to you or Andrew", JJ looked at Andrew who looked at his watch, "you take this one JJ, i have got to be somwhere in town", JJ nodded, "ok watch your fetiah man", Andrew shrugged, "always" and with that he was gone.

Trevor drove my Charger, Mike drove his Dodge Ram and Gapleries and I drove my Ferrari. What father wouldn't?" I began explaining to Carl, finally starting to confess to him what I had been excitedly waiting to tell him all evening.

Every brain cell stockjng owned was in laser-focus on the 2 inches of real estate that Angie now found so interesting. He held up his hand and lifted her chin, looking into her galleeies eyes and trying to get her to speak.

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He didn't ask 'what', he asked 'when'.


Your ?take? is incorrect. Here?s what the Bible says about itself, ?All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness? (2 Timothy 3:16).


His brother isn't mentioned repeatedly by name in the gospels. He's mentioned by name (as one of Christ's siblings) only in Matthew and Mark.


What? Where do you get these crazy conclusions?


Actually here is something more. It is about Trust. Trusting the Guidance of God. Knowing He knows the best and just going with what you Hear. Step by step. It is Obedience in action.


And it's the Truth that God made individuals with innate characteristics, orientation being merely one of them.


No one has ever been able to present authentic and original, 1st century originated historical evidence of the existence of a Jew named "Jesus" or any of the legends of that apparently fictional character that were written centuries after the time in which they are merely set.


If Jesus wasn't everything that Christianity says he was there is no reason to care whether he existed or not.


Chased away? So "God" is a coward and has no sense of stoicism. Not worthy of worship ........ if it actually existed. But it appears to only exist in some people's minds.


How would you call the president of USA who authorized the drop of the two atomic bombs in Japan?


A jealous, slavery-condoning, misogynistic, murdering, tyrannical con artist. You can't get behind that??


Hannity is a opinion show. Fox's News at least reports both sides and isn't constantly trying to find stories to get Trump out of the WH. That is the purpose of the left stream media. If you don't know the difference between opinion shows and news shows then you don't know what you are talking about.


Of course....it was Obama before, and it would have been Clinton, if only. But Trump gets no credit for anything. Got it. How blind could I be?


Sue Ann Levy is a saint! /s


Yes it was !


What's arrogant is assuming "perfect" design by an intelligent agent.


No migration scenario.


You may don't imagine, but actually, you do believe it happened while don't know. Or tell me, where did these laws of nature come from? As usual, the common pretext of atheists, " I don't know" as if it's a mystery to know any design has a designer!


Women have equal rights. In fact, they have a bit more rights than men do in our society and by our laws.

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