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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Innocent teen rides in front of the neighbors

"I can't argue for or against your personal experience - it is yours and not mine"

That didn't take long. After some time went by he said he wouldn't tell anyone and he just wanted to see what it felt like. But Misty seemed to get off on it and Coach didn't seem to care either.

Innocent teen rides in front of the neighbors

I will share more if you like this one. I could feel her pussy tightening around dick. It seemed only far that I do the same for he and picked her up and put her back on the vanity and started sucking my cum out of her swollen pussy.

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Jim took off his hat and hung it on the spindle on the back of another chair. Our lips touch, his are soft, as I get lost in his arms his tongue explores my mouth.

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But I've got another hard-on right now, just from all this talk about Jordan, and panties, and camel toes.

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A) I think Jesus' existence historically is pretty well established. Paul states that he personally met his brother, and he's independently attested by a number of sources just within the first 100 years after his death, which is pretty good for a just a peasant Jew from that time.


Ummm, I just presented facts from the liberal think tank, Brookings Institute.


No. A black guy walking down the street living his life isn't doing anything to deliberately make anyone feel uncomfortable.


Yes, we should have the right in our private business to choose who it is our customer is. Let natural market forces then determine our fate.


Evidence? I have plenty of evidence, yet, apparently, you lack doing any research to provide anything contrary to what I stated.


Fear and faith? What about love and curiosity?


Totally agree. Well said.


LOL, that was a good idea. If I lived there I would do it just to see his reaction.


I haven?t given it much thought TBH...... I?d say that it does with fundamentalism of all stripes because of the ignorance that it engenders. But no, I wouldn?t think that. Certainly Christians typically have a strong work ethic and the majority of my religious friends are doing as well as my wife and I. And some better.


What part of illegal do you not understand? It is the Democrats who are on the side of the illegal immigrants.


Not in any sense.


I know you are but what am I? I know that argumentative strategy but vanity won't allow me to use it.


I'd arrest his fat arse in a heartbeat.


Suzan Mazur is the "journalist" who attended a meeting on evolution, misunderstood nearly everything that was going on, and has now cashed in on her misunderstanding by writing a book. Needless to say, the people who organized the meeting were not amused.


Sorry, but that is how the courts have interpreted the law to be. I do not make the law. You can't demand satisfaction from someone, simply because they are 'creepy'. There is a legal standard that has to met.


Dammit indeed... sneer.


presumptious? Not at all.


I am old but I keep learning . Thanks for the info.


yep and as you get changes...hence mom cuts


Keep talking, right wing racist flunky. None of your ideas are your own. I've had this discussion with other right wing idiotic looney turds before. Your strategy is old and it highlights the depth of your racism. Yes call the black man a racist. Sorry bubba, we don't own or run the country. So how does my projected racism affect you as a privileged white boy?


No, though you apparently have a need for a god, the idea that everyone does is just silly projection.


If all four people consent, that is not adultery but a damned good time :D


Steel and especially aluminum pricing is more volatile than I've seen in over a decade. Blame it on tariffs or market anticipation, doesn't matter. When I get quotes for steel now they are only honored if I purchase same day as quoted. Before tariff threats they were honored for 30 days. Wasn't uncommon to ask for a quote identical to a purchase from 2018 or 2017 and get quoted same price. No more.


I asked if you had a better explanation, not 'sciences.' Please, do tell, how does atheism deal with the question of why there is something rather than nothing.


No, you don't get it. Or you refuse to.


There go those darn atheists again. Trying to force their religious dogma on all of us including our children


"Thomas had no say on that event at the time"


That is because you are a loon yourself ....


The subject here is not homosexuals per say. That was just one example. I gave you many. My initial point was about Christian overreach into our government. That is a fact. You are the one that responded as if you and your 10 friends somehow make this obvious fact not true. Do you think the FFRF keeps a staff of lawyers because nothing is going on in the separation of church and state arena (they alone have 15 current active cases)?

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