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"That's where my different concept of His relationship comes it. We are the effective, but imperfect, presence of God in the universe of space and time. He is outside of time, so His power and virtues are expressed by the sub-divine entities, the creatures, some more so than others."

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Girlfriend gives anal doggy fuck on couch

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No, the Romans did it because Jesus didn't present a defense, the crowd was restless, and behaved unexpectedly.


Nope can't blame anyone. Priests are mostly sincere and trapped in their belief. Cant blame yourself, you fell for the greatest lie since man began, cant blame God, he isn't real. Losing faith in God is a natural progression hopefully before one spends his whole life in mental chains.


So where do you stand in the philosophical question? I ask this because this sets in motion the rest of your belief.


Yep. That Expanded(/Extended) Memory card. I could never get those straightened out in my mind. I had to talk my wife into purchase that 1MB card and it wasn't cheap I think it was over $500... for a Meg!!


I get so angry thinking about the rapists and wife-beaters in the NFL.


That this was even ever "a thing" is what blows my mind. WTF is wrong with some people? How many bakers must this douche bag "couple" have shopped before finding just the right Christians to persecute? Christian baker won't make a "SPECIAL" cake for your gay wedding...go the F down the street to another baker! Millions of idiots screaming "civil rights violation!!!"...the baker never even said he wouldn't sell them a cake. He just said he would not CREATE a "special gay cake." Do these F-traded LGBGABCXYZ creeps REALLY believe they are winning people over with this kind of bizarre tort happy, attention seeking behavior?


Because atheist "organizations" aren't in it for the money. The Churches are enterprises usually tax exempt, and make a lot of money from hospitals, and from increased


Obviously, the bible was written by ancient minds, and did not understand any scientific facts as being available to understand the reasons behind the 'miracles' that were produced, it can only be a God, they say, for only a God can perform such miracles. Ultimately, they would be correct, but, significantly they did not have the knowledge to understand that this Universe is all but energy, and energy was not even considered as a force presented for the Ultimate Force of all Energies that created every 'thing'.


I don't hate the dark, exactly. I actually prefer to sleep in total darkness. I just don't like walking by dark rooms. I also don't like leaving my bedroom door open or my closet door open at night when I go to bed.


Being a leftist and a communist, I can't expect you would understand that.


That?s something that the regular school kids could use a lot of.


You kept acting like it was. Marrage is not about having kids. Marriage has never been needed to have kids


You're right, Trumpkin......if that makes you feel better.


My father told me to go kick the bully's behind for beating up my brother. Punch him in the nose and he'll cry and run home. I tried that and he kicked my you know what. It was then that I realized my brother really IS a jerk. I saw your post about the Passover event being a fiction. No kidding and that absolutely debunks all three monotheistic superstitions. How long before that is common knowledge do you think? Age of Information and all things considered.


No, but you have more homicides total.


Preachers and ministers don't get tax-exemption as far as I know. Hovind didn't pay any taxes at all, personal or otherwise, it sounds like.


No, I'm not. They did not decide about discrimination, they only decided about process -- that the state commission had not been impartial.


Pliny, Tacitus and Suetonius: No Proof of Jesus: Part Two Tacitus


You only make yourself ignorant, by your stance on Youtube videos and so called "right wing nut jobs."


Genesis is contradicted by science and common sense. And one can still believe in one or more gods regardless of it.


Yep you are imagining that they went to a baker that specializes in custom made cakes, because that is not the case. He also has a book of wedding cakes that are standard and non-custom. Also if he is artistically stifled by "participating" in a union that he claims is objectionable according to his religion then he must show a consistent pattern of rejecting ALL unions that are objectionable to his faith, including refusing to design cakes for adulterers, divorcees and those who engaged in sodomy or premarital sex. THEN he would have a winnable case.


But incompetent people sometimes have to. When one has already lost one's real power, acknowledging it is mostly a formality.


Personally, I'd do both if necessary.


Once you show that he made a wedding cake where at least one of the couple was divorced or where at least one of the couple was a fornicator, this common criminal no longer has a religious leg to stand on. He has been exposed as a pathetic homophobe.


I thought I was good because I was 15 minutes early, guess not. ??


according to Christians, whoever isn't a christian Is going o hell


She was too arrogant and oblivious to do so, just like Harper.


So you think it id true that the wine and bread are changed into flesh and blood during the ceremony?


I like my father but so does almost every woman he meets. lol He's a charming handsome man. Surprised my mother fell for it. OR perhaps he's the reason she taught me to not fall for it. lol


From The Motley Fool, an investment site:


Studies are not undertaken to show what ISN'T the cause because besides what IS the cause all of those other things that aren't would qualify. Do you not understand how ignorant you sound crying about studies that should but don't exist that show God isn't necessary. By definition, every study that comes to a natural conclusion is another example of God not being the answer to that question.


And that is exactly what will happen if the sinner does not accept the mercy granted through the sacrifice of Jesus. Either Jesus suffers the penalty for the sin or the sinner does, and it is the sinners choice as to which it will be. Justice


I make you an offer, and you respond with a personal insult?


So how about we lower the corporate tax to zero then? why we buying stuff from other country's and have a tax of 21 percent on stuff made here?


Rendering it nonsense.

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