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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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"Gott mit uns."

I smiled; I was free again. He paused for two seconds before he swung his legs over the chair and walked over to his bed and collapsed onto his stomach. " I interjected into the conversation.

" My step dad said and to be honest I missed him too. Does that make me gay. He said, "Okay, baby, you're the Boss. Emma, tired of waiting for a yes or no, walked up to JJ, reaching for his crotch, unzipping his flies and pulling his cock out, both of them were paralized with shock to stop her and by the time Katlin snapped back into reality, Emma had slipped the head of his cock into her mouth and gave it the first suck, followed by a groan from the lips of JJ, Emma pulled it out looking up at JJ, "its so big", as she went to put it back in her mouth, Katlin stopped her and pulled her to her feet, "hey what the fuck do you think your doing, thats my boyfriend, what makes you think you can come here and take him away from me"?, with that Emma smiled at walked up to her cupping her pussy and squezzing, "baby, i am not taking him anywhere i will not be taking you".

On the way, Daniel ran past her and turned around saying excitedly, "Rach, Bobby's rabbit had just given birth. Do not ever speak to him unless he speaks to you first.

Tie him to a chair. He just looked down at me with 4" of his dick in my mouth resting on my tongue. Sir's breathing normalized and his face relaxed. It hit her that there was only one thing she could do to avoid a life to servitude and sex slavery, run, go to Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool or even London, anywhere but here, and if she had to stay in this part of england she would have to find somwhere to lay low forever, of course at the time she thought this was all talk untill the day she cracked, she tip toed downstairs to see not only Tee, but that bitch Kiera waiting for her, both with sadistic smiles on there faces, "well well, if it aint my favourite little fuck toy", Kiera said with a sly smile, never the one to waste valuable fucking time, walked strait up to Emma and pulled her dressing gown off beofre she could even blink.

Hell, I had to facilitate it now and find out. He held her breasts, bouncing them just a little in his hands to feel their weight. "Vickie, you know me better than to think I could ever be a kept man. "Now you know that is not appropriate behavior for the workplace" I intone.

Chase was dressed first and walked off into the woods to pee, while Ellen pulled on her shirt and eased her blistered bottom into her white panties as she continued to watch me.

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