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Monday, January 8, 2018

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Spider Man fucks Mary Jane

"He was born to be what he is."

"And it you want us to both take turns sucking that old man's dick, that'd be just fine with me too. Like that. I know you are not a submissive man.

Spider Man fucks Mary Jane

The Demon commanding them shielded his eyes as smoke billowed from his flesh, hissing from the burning pain. So I did. Slipping quietly under the covers I snuggled up and held my warm little doll and dozed off.

I let Miki use the net next and if anything she caught more shrimp than I had. "Now you know that is not appropriate behavior for the workplace" I intone. He had a determined smile on his face.

They were twirling, twisting, and coiling around one another, in an impossible manner. "And let him miss all the funno-way.

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Huuummm. The Republicans control everything and the debt is ballooning. Why do Democrat Presidents seem to always clean up a Republican presidents fiscal mess?


No one in the history of the human race has ever done magic.


Empiricists hold that


This is my joint! My Army roommate and I would go to the club and dance our @sses off to this song!


Good morning nt


Taken out of context.


I remember full service gas stations!


I don't see it often out in public, but I do see it in YouTube comments when it pertains to celebrity men. Not sure if that counts, though.


I prefer to think of Genesis as a parable, a story that may not be literally true but teaches truth none the less.


Hmm. To me, it tells me there's something many are evading about how it would appear if they honestly put themselves on the scale. Not sure why it's such an issue.


Bye bye Cleveland. You. Lose


I think the difference between Kelly and an artist like James Brown who was accused of violence against women in the past is that Kelly is here and actively hurting women as we speak. He is emboldened by the music industry's continued support and complacency.


The Greater Abraham is Adam (H.E) who is the Principal Ancestor of the Mankind race. Abraham, which means father of Many was not even the name of Abram, who was called Abraham after making a covenant with GOD on the condition that he return the children GOD gives him back to GOD alive. Abraham did not do this, and so rendered the name "Abraham" or father of Many void concerning his covenant with GOD.

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