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Monday, January 1, 2018

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"Please Annette don?t lecture me about speaking for you (Which I don?t) when you allow Karen to answer FOR YOU TO ME! Karen is your official spoke person thank you very much."

"I reckon you'll enjoy this one, Mrs. He got in and drove home, parking in the garage, then took Lilly's car back to the house, with the Collar charged up once more. When they felt it they jumped.

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Spotting his approach, one of the Bleaks roared in fury and swung its arm like he was a fly, missing the Archangel but ripping away the roof of a tall apartment building and sending bricks and twisted metal raining down into the street. He sighed loudly in satisfaction, that first beer had tasted every bit as fine as he'd anticipated.

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"If you'd like to give it a try we could begin at first light tomorrow. Dear Diary, it's absolutely the most wonderful thing to suck Mommy's cunt while Daddy watches. Ron had insisted that he gave her a filling before they departed, but choosing to take her on her own, after they'd all slept for at least an hour, that was except for Ron, he'd taken to watch over Penny and Paul, it was then decided that they waxed the tracks, making for the coast and the ferry terminal.

As a young man, a fighter and ex-military man I was well conditioned and fit so to speak. I spent no time waiting for her to get used to my dick inside her.

I quickly came up with a plan and started alternating between the two plastic schlongs.

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So you're of the opinion that women should remain silent in churches?


Because parents have a natural motivation to see their kids be productive and successful. Reinforcing poor choices that if they become habitual will inhibit the child's ability to be successful in society isn't in a parent's interest.


It wasn`t a fight, there was a guy with a gun running around. FFS would you have run up to the guy and taken the gun from him?


Or can manage not to hit another ship and/or run aground.


We're human beings, we can control our own birth rate.


I don't think I will communicate with you before you read a standard school textbook of history. Start with Gibbon and Toynbee. Report your progress.


You may continue to live in your own world of alternative facts. You have no real facts to back up your assertion. You will of course believe what you want.


Oh really now?


Please, share with us your "perspective". Is he entitled to three jets? What ever happened to living humbly? Do you think it is okay for poor people to donate to him so he can live in luxury? No wonder your church is emptying!


absolutely. The Samaritan parable is often trotted out for its only use...its a guilt tripping mechanism. Governmnet has no place in our private and personal affairs. I will say this about abortion, religious freedom and other local things that can be solved at a macro level between the citizens.


My book is better, no my book is better, you're a liar, no your a liar... all books burn. What if they had meant those who could not read and write would follow him...Though I feel his tribal leaders had more say then will ever be admitted to, much like others, a prophet is not the same as a messenger. And they will die at the hands of a ruling body without special consideration and bent knee to the social state.


UNLESS one is a sociopath or something vile like that. This guy is clearly "god less".

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