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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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POV cocksucker

""Not once have I judged you, I have pointed out your errors.""

Of course, it wasn't all bullshit-I did learn how to summon the Devil on this very forum. "I don't have all day while you woolgather, missy!" she barked at Miss Cheshire.

POV cocksucker

The same man who, over the course of several months, had managed to resist every one of my subtle attempts to seduce him into having sex with me.

Etop Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read independently, it was written as durinb of a series. They married at Lake Tahoe in Nevada the next week. Why did I need clothes when I could turn invisible. " "What about girls, I'm sure a hansom pxinful like you has a line of girls just waiting to be with you.

I hadn't noticed what a beautiful young lady she had grown to be. " I finally said my peace and got it off my chest even if I just lost some great friends. "I'm dying amal thirst!" I laughed in delight, as she gave me a wicked grin. "MouthFuck and then Arse; that puts me first!" Billy said with a laugh, withdrawing his cock sharply from Penny's mouth, then clambering down between her legs; Penny hadn't really seen the state of his cock until then, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand realizing she'd had the filthy thing in it.

We showered and fucked some more. Her sweet musky smell burned in his nose. So I grabbed a drink and then just asked so what did you think.

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Christians have been treating them worse for a lot longer.


A claim that he did is not evidence that he did. If you can't demonstrate it that's fine.


Pop Quiz! OT god or NT god?


You are like the Republican nuts that called all the Red Hens around the country flinging insult and invective at the wrong Red Hen restaurants ...


Thanks for the bigotry.


Clearly you have never been to an Islamic country as men holding hands is "the norm" in these parts.


LMAO! How?d you know to do that?


Give her a break, the clock was high up on the wall.........


No, no they did not. We do not have anything from 50CE, the oldest known fragment outside of the Death Mask is from the 2nd century.


That kind of person should be locked away.


One good thing about religion is that it can make one laugh. But, like a doughnut, I don't want too much of it served by George Carling or my laughter turns to anger at people's stupidity.


How do you know?


Then you're reading it the way you chose to read it strictly to argue it is wrong and with no concession whatsoever that the language absolutely allows for a completely different understanding. The whole "Greece before Rome" argument, with no consideration of context. Sorry..... a very poor ground to stake a claim on.... Argue away....


Flooded market? (wokka wokka)


God is supernatural. We can't know he exists using science so one must have faith.


Take over the finances! Don't let her have money to waste!


Or you could actually read my posts where I say exactly that you shouldn't use my credentials.


It's funny if you laugh and I laughed. That stands as PROOF of its funniness.


You talking about me?


Gel mani gel mani gel mani gel mani gel mani gel mani gel mani gel mani


I've already explained how they are. You just don't care about rights and liberties of private entities when it comes to government compelling folks to act in ways you support.


No, you can't be both. The bible condemns it over and over again. Abomination, unrighteous, be put to death, against nature, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire, etc. There's no way to twist it for it to be okay. You've only really got two choices if you want to remain in the Christian faith. One is to abstain. The bible is focused on the physical act. Just don't go there. The second is to write an addendum to the bible in which God changes his mind and gives it the okay. The Mormons wrote their own addendum so anyone can do it. Just make up what you want God to say and there you have it.


Noooo... I hate people that hunt big game -- even fake big game lol. I didn't watch the whole episode. Left off where Bernard had saved Delores' pops. (By left off I mean I fell asleep).


Of course negatives can be proven; it's called falsification, and it's how science works.

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