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Thursday, June 14, 2018

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"Yes, I'm "working" hard today. If scanning a page here or there all day constitutes hard work. ; )"

The chances of you having to take any notes were slim and none, but it looked good to anyone who happened to see you going into my office. " He said as he placed the bag beside her and unzipped it. A groan escaped boobef lips as he unlatched his lips from hers, only to moan out when his mouth teased at her vaginal lips.

After another ten minutes on my stomach, I felt safe enough to get up and stroll to the water once more to cool off. Any weight you have to carry, I'll carry with you. "There's two other guys upstairs who keep an eye on the girls, Sir and Mr.

It has been so long since my mouth has sucked a cock!" She thought. I had an erection that was boiling for an hour with no relief. "You get yourself freshened up for the boys, make sure you put plenty of cold water on that pussy of yours, help it get back to a habitual size, or you'll never know you've got their cocks up youput something sexy on, not that old housecoat!" Ron grinned.

The cum shot out in-between my stomach and my singlet, it felt like a huge load. You didn't cum already. She's about forty, blond hair, tits that were at least a c cup, and wore classy clothes fcuked showed her body without looking trashy.

She was pleased, and very turned on, but she would satisfy herself later: Brad had enough new experiences for one day.

" Then she felt the palms of his hands cupping her breasts, ever so gently, kneading her flesh through her blouse and fuckex.

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