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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Abusing my drunk straight friend

"12 til 6 is good, but I'm going to be late for work."

She pulled off the bottom of her uniform and lowered her pussy onto Mary's face. She smiled with the angslika white teeth I had ever seen and jokingly said, "Listening to Sammie telling her life story does make me a little thirsty. Every afternoon this week, just like last week, I had spent it with the cheerleaders, fucking one of them behind the bleachers, while the others practiced.

If you were supposed to fall in love with someone, it should have been me.

Abusing my drunk straight friend

The question that shakes any mans nerves. " Fran said with almost a pleading tone of voice. "A little closer if you don't mind!" Penny moved forward.

She was also getting aroused from my touch. Fin looked up to Kia's blushing face, the other womans black hair was shuvled and anfelika strands where over her eyes. Five nights earned Dean porrnstar with a bonus for one lunchtime meet up.

'Cuz it's not. "Now bitch, my and your dad have decided on your punishment, and i got good news, bad news and even worse news, first the good, you will no longer have to sleep with our friends again, the bad news is you will never see your friends again, and sngelika u do it will be cos they will be here with your getting the treatment your have had many times, and the rearly bad news is this, your are now my bitch, do you understand me, you will do what i say when i say it or angeelika will beat you sensless", needless to say Emma was speechless, even more so when she felt a rubber cock getting angdlika up her virgin ass, "lesson one slut slave, losing your anal virginitty".

Most of the women who went to Blacl strip club had a hunger to quench. She walked over to Kia with a skip in her step and threw her arms around her slender waist. Three individual tentacles, crept over his legs and headed to his manhood; He felt two of them cupping his balls, as if they were cupcakes, and began a gentle massage, to which his boner began to erect, whereas the third one, at first, went up to his chest, and suddenly pushed him back, to lie on a tentacle-made, couch-like recliner.

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Like I said:


That's all they are. You lost, but you get trophies.


If no god is found, then no god is necessary.


You just make these one-liners and think like you've made a strong case. LOL. And this isn't new with you either. I'm gonna called you, "one-liner Jorn"


What were you watching last night, jDave?


Just because I appreciate his scientific contributions, does not mean that I apprciate his Political ideology...


Feel free to excuse yourself from the whole channel. Your very first comment was confrontational and it was bullshit. Now you're playing the victim bc you got called out.


The best way to confirm one's axioms (for the atheists, faith for the belivers) is to challenge them from time to time.


SO back to MAGA, where is it here?


Aren't progs the chicken/guinea pig things in the new Star Wars?


As a point of reference, Are you using a bible or other religious text as a (or only) source for historical information? I'm not looking to diminish you opinion but just a respectful question.


I'm pretty sure that's in the GOP platform.


And he never used a gay hammer, either.


Maybe one is not concerned about an individual's health, but most of the medical profession is concerned about a pattern of increasing body weight. Perhaps you might consider that the jerk is right but for the wrong reasons?


"So, LOOKS are what drives your moral opinion?"


Yep even Shucky Schemer and Piglousy want NO PART of the double edged sword this crazy bitch is swinging!


I don't have to. It is everywhere you look, God's Perfect Creation.


Much needed right here:


Saul of Tarsus started peddling lies to the gullible long before Emperor Constantine shat in the Roman thinktank. And pagan is Roman for country bumpkin.


1. You are still generalizing. Guess you can't help yourself.


Again, a leftist who hasn't been paying attention. Hillary was mad because he opened her investigation up again right before the election. You may have forgotten that, the leftist media has buried it to focus on Trump firing him. He deserved to be fired, and will be due his prison time.


Nope. A simple answer would suffice.


Very, I remind my daughter all the time...she was born in 1999 :)


Landline telephones were invented by man and are therefore a human construct. Traditional marriage was not invented by man and is therefore not a human construct; it is simply a recognition of the natural law that applies to everyone.


Canada didn't exist as a country until 1867, DUMBASS.


Do you think that forcing people to disrobe in order to interact with Westerners is a clear introduction to western culture. -- No.


You probably read a redacted liberal edition of the Bible.


the sorting hat wanted him in slytherin! But, no!

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