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Saturday, January 6, 2018

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"Let's stick with this notion of time for a moment longer, if we may..."

I finished my set on stage and I started to exit away from the side of the sage where she was sitting at a table. When I turned around, she wrapped her arms around me and we started kissing again. I made every effort to be as gentle in the touching as she showed me earlier.

Creamy Pussy Squirting

I know you are not a submissive man. Three individual tentacles, crept over his legs and headed to his manhood; He felt two of them cupping his balls, as if they were cupcakes, and began a gentle massage, Classicc which his boner began to erect, whereas the third one, at first, went up to his chest, and suddenly pushed him back, to lie on a tentacle-made, couch-like recliner.

He said if tit fucking and rubbing your cock in between ass checks feels the same. I know Mommy could give me some real pointers. We even convinced my parents to let grandma stay over that night. " I responded, "yes you are May.

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No, I don't. I've explained this to you a dozen times now. I'm not doing it again.


My niece and nephew don't shut the door when they use the bathroom either. Lol!


Stole the thoughts out of my head!


Right now, we're talking about what's he's claiming.


Hi George, welcome to the conversation! The gospels are written from 4 different perspectives and are believed to be originally penned around 70 ad, tho most of the transcripts we use today are believed to be written sometime during the 4th century. Personally, I believe that they are full of inconsistancies and contradictions largely due to inserted text by the catholic monks who transcribed during the time when leaders of the day desired more fire and brimstone to convince new "converts" during the Crusades.


Nope. He gave a choice. If He didn't it would have been a forced obedience. And True Love


I don't drive fast anymore but my wife always is grabbing something when I drive


Germaphobe. Get it/don't get it. She has probably had someone's genitals in her mouth at some point but is terrified of stapler?


Does the same apply to accusations of Marxist or communist behavior?


Do you even see how your response to a Mod is patronizing her? Why can't you just take a step back, respect other people and not use the term? Go on with the conversation, already.


You have a serious issue with your understanding of the difference between 'instinctual behavior' and 'learned behavior.'


warming up for your solo? ;-)


(Niamh, side note: trying to reach you, is your suffix gmail?)


Unless you can compare the phylogenetic relationships that prove it has similar genetics of a crocodile and a fish, this is just another one of evolution's desperate grasp at a transitional.


No, we can find correlates. And most people do not live that way probably 99.99% of the people do not think, "Well, I know this sense of love is from X (hormones, brain wave patterns, whatever), and that is why I am willing to continue working hard. I want the physiological reinforcers that the secretions of serotonin are providing," etc.


Okay. But I still do.


She is. She has gone this far in her life (I'm assuming she is in her 30's) by depending on everyone else for her basic needs, she wants to continue that, which means she consciously manipulates people so that she can continue to NOT do things for herself.

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