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Saturday, February 3, 2018

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Hotwife talks about husbands best friend while he fucks her

"Wel I miss(ed) the nineties. I was born in 1997, so I dont remember the 20th Century at all."

"Oh come on Kia. Jim had finally caught up with him on the third day of the long chase. Though I got caught by Kayle who gave me a soda and a plate of food before asking where her brother and sister were.

Hotwife talks about husbands best friend while he fucks her

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Yes, it is. "God may or may not communicate, but you have to keep on believing!".


Some lady is wailing and it's scaring me.


We already pay taxes for this, it's just they didn't use our money wisely. Now even though we have had the technology to build a power grid with green energy sources for at least a decade, we are still going to have to rely on detrimental sources. Adding insult to injury the government and the masses can't even agree that a solution needs to be found.


Another thing I have thought of. Allow your kids to fail. They are going to try stuff. If you see them doing something that isn't going to work, LET THEM DO IT ANYWAY! Then, maybe, help them to do it the right way. *disclaimer, I mean building stuff out of lego level stuff, not riding-the-bike-off-the-roof level stuff*


You're a clueless fool.


The relevant equivalency is obvious. The fact that sins come in many levels of harmful impact is irrelevant to my point. But the fact that God has harshly condemned both is relevant to my point.


Needs more Ambien.


I wonder what Dawkins has to say?


No there spreading rumors there spreading lies about me


Ok that?s going too far. We?ll be having none of the nonsense around here


It does mean what it says, but that doesn't mean there are not caveats or other considerations in play, as have been pointed out elsewhere in scripture. As a couple of examples:


Just another example of your erratic nature. Last time you wrote you would never bring it to CA or disrespect the channel.


This is the character that started THREE religions!


So you're not a big deal, then?


We need him serving the same amount of time.


As long as they're not the one filled with formaldehyde, why not?


Related to terrorism, or the mass influx of refugees... EIther way, it is having success, as I've stated, the means to which it is using is irrelevant.


I think a pornstar is worse. At least the hooker keeps it private.


Wow, communication breakdown. cue zepplin music now.


I'm not so sure my work shows otherwise and takes seemingly unrelated ideas and presents them if you know what your looking for or fool enough to dive in and explore the limits, which I have. Many fascinating hypothesis have come about due to the fluid nature found in number and operation. Remember it to is a language, a universal one. My equation points towards life.


1) You must be too young to know about the IRA.


Does that work for You? Black glove and picture of Maxipad Waters?


Stop being obtuse and answer the questions. I don't know why you are dancing around your own words. These questions aren't difficult, but you are dodging them. Poorly.


The economy , shock market were doing well before this administration, remember the Obama ICE was taking immigrants back over the border at a higher pace . Bob you have anything to say about all the lying this president has told you buddy. You already caught him lying to you many times and not a word on it.


I think that's a lot of women. It's the closeness.


So -- have you ever learned anything from debate with people with whom you disagree? If you cull out and misrepresent minor issues to quibble about, to distract yourself in every discussion, then I would expect not.


Nope. The Bible says Adam.


yeah right, mine didn't show so i e-mailed them just to get my wife and i's cards ... got a message they would get back to me in one business day .. never happenned so i e-mailed again got the same message except my message back to them this time was more blunt ... finally gave up, cards came then they finally e-mail asking stupid fking questions so i gave them a stupid fking answer


"Saying, 'religion' isn't enough, especially when there is no proof a god exists or even agrees!" Not according to the SCOTUS or the Constitution.


? the ideology of the Church ought to play second fiddle to the commandment to love...? and I wholeheartedly agree with il papa! When have I ever even remomtely suggested that Love doesn?t trump all? Of course the most important thing is Love. While the Bible has many genres as we discussed, if the book had to be categorized as just one book, it would be classified as a Love story. The greatest love story of all time, which makes it very unfortunate that it?s not ?your story?.


Care to demonstrate that joy in death for those who seek it can be obtained only by religion?


You misspelled I


You're right, bad joke. A teenager would be much too old.


Pass that collection plate, advertise on line and watch God's work "take off"!


"Asians are racist among themselves"

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