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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Homo Erectus (1995)

"Ok, I think we worked that out already in this thread. Yes, if an experiment or study can garner the same results over and over than that information can be considered true."

Jesse ate Lisa into a wet little mess. On parents night out they a watched live TV sex show filming and other risque shows. "I am less than 5 mins away. I finish cleaning him then stand up fixing my skirt and looking around for my panties, I reach for them but he picks them up.

Homo Erectus (1995)

She pulled off the bottom of her uniform and lowered her pussy onto Mary's face. Twenty-three years is his age now, and he was just about to begin his last year in college, these were very long five years of pure lust. "Am I fucking like a man now. Either way, Jim heard him kick his horse into a gallop and ride off down the street moving fast.

They were going to leave Friday afternoon and wouldn't be back until Monday night. Young Jesse was so turned on he didn't soften at all. I stole the clothes out of the house I haunted last night; the daughter was a good tumble and her daddy was about my size. She thought the flow would never stopRon finally withdrew his cock; poor Penny was trying to catch her breath once more, coughing and spluttering trying to clear her throat.

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Well....you're quite the asshole.


Read your own post for God's sake.....


Yes, they do. Colin K. gives back to his community and works on behalf of improving them and bringing attention to inequality and injustice. What have you done besides live rent free in his head?


Yes because we all know how Trump loves pardoning murderers...


We have the internet, there?s no excuse for ignorance about things like this


Wonder who wrote that text for him.


Should be allowed on international flights.Baby killing or other sex.


No worries - Bill Clinton had a vasectomy


Whoa!!! Did I call it or what!?!!


Trump says stupid stuff every now and then. When demented statists are investigating you, it means that they are guilty.


Okay, demonstrate something you have faith in. God, prophecy, the bible . . .not with circumstantial evidence but with direct evidence.


Not every theist, as I said but you ignored, my own panentheism and the ancient Christian Gnostics as well as Kabbalah's Ein Sof.

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