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Friday, January 19, 2018

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"There is a man made definition of who is Jewish and a Biblical definition. I?m following New covenant bible definition. Shalom"

" I can't remember exactly how it happened, Dear Diary, but by the time we got to their bedroom, all of us were bare-ass naked. Before long her pussy was dripping wet, he stopped licking her and spread her lips apart gently with both of his hands.

Pretty model wants to be ASS GAPED

"Kia. We have enough spare staterooms on board we could host the spouses of any who live in Japan. I'll be sure to pass your advice on, if we have girls. Luckily, my perverse mind quickly found a cure for my inaction. You seem flushed?" "Um, I.

You naughty Kia. But it did not remain within me for long. That's not half of our homes and estates, and you have some serious house cleaning to do. So what exactly are your 'ground rules'?" "There's only three of 'em: "Number One - Terrell's gotta fuck me at least twice during our sexual encounter.

Nothing made much sense right now to me.

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com on drdos, what you say isn't true. God when will you people just see the truth about Donald trump and the republicans party not all of them are bad, but the majority who has clout are corrupt. President Obama did his nob he was hired to do. He sort out intel and relied on his reports to make crucial decisions. He did not take it lightly when he had to send our men and women in the field, someone's mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, nephew, niece, grandmother. It did not give him pleasure to know his decision to strike could and did harm women and children. This is why he preferred to have table meetings with the countries when he himself "not his staff" went to speak to the leaders of the world. So he could get a sense of what he was dealing with and exactly what they wanted all of this was to KEEP YOU SAFE to keep us from where this country is NOW. You don't have give him credit. The world gives him credit. unlike trump they do not RESPECT..


Question: If the author of the gospel of Matthew was an eyewitness to events, why would he copy some 90% of the gospel of Mark, who was not an eyewitness, and at times use the same words? The entire reason for the invention of the "Q" as a source, was that the synoptic gospels were almost identical, and it was assumed that they had a common source, but most modern scholars reject that assumption now. The gospel of Luke has 55% of Matthew in his story, again, often in identical wording.


DNC has Plenty to Run on.... I am NOT a "well my opponent is worse" Democrat


As the late, great Christopher Hitchens would say ' believers are atheist and believe as I do about the hundreds of other gods. They just have one more to go'.


Some friendly advice. How about take the angry rancor down a couple notches, to maybe passionate discourse? A little civility between opposing ideas goes a lot further on this channel.


Because the idea of God [in this case: "an incomprehensible being above everything else and unlike anything else, yet making sense to me"] could never be conceived by humans without supernatural influence - God exists.


Starting your comment with "Again", is not an argument, unless you can explain how all videos on youtube can't be scientifically accurate


"There's not a single 'new' idea in the Bible."


We're getting an ethics lesson AND a biology lesson today!


As a Christian, most my reasons are in fact religious. That said, my others reasons are based mainly on life experiences, particularly, having a child out of wedlock and the hardships that has incurred.


Then educate me, if you think you know so much.

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