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Monday, January 8, 2018

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G Spot and Squirting 101 with Kenneth Play & Riley Reyes (Sex Hack How To)

"read the other post about that. This was about "Technology will enable us one day to let that happen, if it is not already possible now.""

"You made me swallow your cum!" Mike said angrily. Releasing my hard shaft from your grasp you pushed Jessica's hand onto my hard member and whispered, "For the next half hour it's yours, don't waste any time!" You slipped out the door and returned to your desk.

G Spot and Squirting 101 with Kenneth Play & Riley Reyes (Sex Hack How To)

Injun Joe was a character who was notorious around some parts of Texas, not only as an accomplished horse thief but also for his many slick escapes from justice. " I paused a moment.

Their respective fathers were walking them down the aisle and oohs and aahs fused from the crowd as they passed. So after a few seconds I said why don't you get one of your girls to do that with. From this angle, all Brad could see was Angie's bare back and slender waist that rose to meet a heart-shaped, perfect ass.

She bucked back and clinched down hard on his cock. She was falling in love with the stranger, and that her vision had become a fantasy. " "I'd rather not get into this right now, Carl!" "Why not?" "Oh, you'll find out soon enough.

"My name is Rachel Sir" she replied immediately. "I'm not rightly sure.

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Cyrus Vance - the DA bringing these charges - did not bring charges against Weinstein before because it was more politically advantageous not to. Now it is more helpful to his career to support victims instead of silencing them. He turns my stomach.


From your lips to God's ears


womens kick boxing classes are often used by women who have had issues with harrassment, or have reason to be afraid of men. or simply do not like men. [and nobody says they have to like men.]so adding men to a womens exersise group with out letting them vent their opinions on it. i would also guess that many women who attend womens only classes may have a jealous spouse that is only happy with them going to gym in womens only classes. so, having guys show up might really be a problem. and i have to say,, as a guy,, i would want to go to a womens only class, and i would check out the chicks.. [only human,, here,,] is it possible some of the guys attending have been hitting on women and you dont know about it? cause word about that would get around,, and they would likely not be welcome in girls groups


You are incapable of explaining that two people of the same gender entering into a legal contract (marriage) harms anyone.


At least you gave it a "1". That means (to me) you are a reasonable person.


There's always been abuse, but Trump gave them permission to go to full-on hate mode.


You are wrong. Every deviation from freedom reduces the standard of living of the neediest among us.


Yes I am. I feel that my responsibility is planning the event for the charity and having it turn out well. If issues arise that I think will affect the event, then I will handle accordingly. But I don't care if they like each other. They either need to put aside and work professionally or leave and I will tell both of them that


I certainly think God can change & use anyone. President Trump is


Obama was the dictator. Obama didn?t want the multi trillion dollar Paris Treaty to go through congress and be voted on by the people democratically, so he called it an Accord and made his own decision. Obama didn?t want the people to decide on the ACA, so he didn?t let us see it until it was passed. Obama said he?ll get his agenda done, with or without congress, and republicans can come for a ride if they want, but they?ll have to sit in the back.


Yeah ok...."original sin is a core belief of Christianity"....


Nope, not gnostic.


No problems just solutions!


Wild animals don't have a "culture"


It's not my fault your god's a jerk. My goddess is wayyyy better. Prettier, too.


Maybe Gracie should have if she's getting sick


The comparison to racism is


And the world are all turning to "Racist" Trump Policies of not allowing open borders.


Which is dumb. All she's doing is showing people that it's not all taking naps every day and going to the salon for hair and nails. She's not saying she doesn't want to be a mom.


So anyone who is not a bleeding heart liberal is guilty of child abuse to your mind? The amount of hyperbole in liberal thinking is mind-boggling.


You're right about abstinence only education. I think what Doowop is saying is that no birth control is 100 percent effective really. If more people just accepted that, there'd be less crying from some men about being trapped.


I can not put my finger on it... Is it the hats or the mustaches?


My girl Jessica sums it up nicely.


Looks like it is you who is pretending. I ask you to explain what you talk about and you refuse to answer a simple question. This behaviour is quite irrational.


Typical. Your mindless bullshit blows up in your face so you resort to insults. Pathetic. Canada needs more Muslims and fewer people like you. You are what is wrong with society.


Turns out there were people in the Obama regime that were actually trying to make it a sham.


There is no objective morality. Nobody has an external basis for morality. Only difference is that some acknowldge this while others falsely pretend* that they have an objective basis.


1. "Was it so bad?" - I'm not sure if you're being tongue-in-cheek here or not. Over the course of it's whole history, Paganism was no more uniform in its goodness or badness than any other religion. But at the end of the 3rd century, Roman Paganism was pretty bad.


So basically you would be willing to lie to yourself so you could sleep better at night? Yeah, that sounds healthy...


many such familys have two parents working full time. so a ltof the time all the kids get assigned jobs to keep the household working.

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