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Sunday, December 31, 2017

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"Here is where a problem lies. What are your definitions? What is city and what is rural? From the way you speak it seems like you define city as big city like New York or LA. The U.S. Census bureau defines a city as an incorporated area. So what I would call a small town, the Census Bureau calls an urban area. So by the census bureau's definition 62.7% of people live in cities. Strangely by the way the census bureau defines cities there is a higher percentage of people living in cities in the Midwest and West than in the rest of the country."

"Oh fuck Mike!" I said. I love eating pussy, and hers was one of the sweetest I'd ever lapped. "And by the way, that's a big mistake that a lot of guys make--including you, Buster.

BFFS - Cute teen models play fight for lucky cock

I never had a friend like that since. But I also later paid dearly for mine, when I had a miscarriage a few weeks later, and lost that half-Hispanic bastard child that had been growing in my womb, ever since that second night in the hotel room with Rico.

"I on I see it" Angie grunted a little too loudly as she reached one hand deep under the sofa while pushing her butt higher still tbe standing on her tip-toes as she pretended to try to reach something that was just beyond her grasp.

That sounded good to me, and maybe a little more. They spent summers on the Rivera and winter in the Caribbean. I got to the bed and stood up in between my grandma's spread legs.

"It's been so long Danny since we seen you last. I nodded and leaned down to put a bouquet of roses on Jakes grave. Forcing his cock deeper into her mouth his seed gushed down her throat, Penny tried to catch her breath; spunk was overflowing from her lips, running down her face.

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Live the good life sir. Me move? Ya never know.


Sorry I wasn't clear , I was NOT referring to baker


The pressure that people can put on businesses, politicians, athletes and actors and actresses is amazing in the digital age. There should be ways to safeguard yourself or business against such abhorrent harassment. We have to have better privacy in this country. There is no way that people should be tracked and harassed like that for stand up against unpopular beliefs. Now this person is ruined!


Which is completely different from going to a health spa.


Hello, I notice my comment below got detected as spam, would you mind looking into this for me? Seems to have happened after I added the "ETA" section due to people giving me similar sort of replies. Thanks!


"I want two!"


Ewww that?s disgusting. Listening or seeing other people puke makes me puke too.


It's one of those sh!tty facts of life that have no easy answer because of how many variables there are. I am of the opinion that work and private life can and should be separated. And that if the twain should ever meet, the only appropriate thing to do is carry on as normal when you're both back in your usual environment. Unfortunately, a few too many ruffled feathers have made such reasonable compartmentalizing impossible. Soooooo, now we have to deal with blurred lines and controversy. Awesome.


In the ecosystem (of Creation) everything has and serves a purpose. Because you do not understand it does not make it not so.


I like this exercise!


Do you have a link you can share?


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